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I made my home in
your bones, leaving fingerprints
against the calcium
deposits next to your
heart, and planted kisses
on your lungs as
you breathe in the
scents of summer sadness.

Sometimes the sounds
of rain rouse me from
this cage of mine,
but tomorrow screams
solitude, and I’d
much rather keep myself
locked in your
chest, tucked beneath
your ribs, and cradled
next to your
You cannot stare into her
emerald eyes and
tell her that she is
not important to you.

Instead, you wrap yours
arms securely around her waist,
pull her close, and inhale
the scent of her hair;
“I love you” seeps from behind
your parted lips, and
it is then that
she fully understands
why you are
always here for her.
Noble maiden, fair
as snow,
scorching desert beneath
bare feet, sunlight
glistening off of
golden hair and forest green

All I need is the
feeling of your arms
wrapped tightly
around my waist, and
your presence
beside me.
Our bodies collided somewhere
between morning coffee
and afternoon
classes, collapsing to the floor
in a heap of limbs and
books, taking the
breath from my

Blushing, she collected herself,
her books, and excused
herself to a classroom
crowded with half sleeping
teenagers, wishing
for the comfort of their
beds and a lover’s

The bell sounds in the distance,
but my heart is beating
for the feeling of her body
resting against mine
once more.
Okay, so if anyone is a member of, and you follow the Naruto fandom, then you've probably stumbled upon my story Our Desires.
If you've noticed that my updates have been coming later and later, it's because my plot bunny isn't up to the challenge of writing that story anymore.
What I'd like is for someone to kinda help me out, a Beta if you would, that can help me finish up a few more chapters.
Right now, I'm currently writing chapter seven, which is Tsunade and Jiraiya's wedding day, and my bunny has nearly died trying to keep this story going.

Please, if you've read the story and liked it, help me continue it so more people can find it and enjoy it!
I really don't want to quite writing that story, as it's become my favorite one that I've written on the site.

Thank for helping out if you can,

a.k.a Sky
a.k.a MarchingPatriot93.

Story Here
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Megan.
I'm 19 years old and I aspire to be a published author someday.
I write poetry, short fiction and fanfiction. I'm also working on a fiction novel that I'd like to get published in the future.

I listen to all music except for hip-hop and rap. Music is always attached to me, and I'm always listening to it no matter what I'm doing.

I have a colorful music background. I played the flute in band from fifth grade up to the second semester of my seventh grade year, then I switched to the baritone saxophone and played that until my tenth grade year. I then sang in choir from the second semester of my tenth grade year up until graduation this year. I'm very proud of my musical background and would like to expand that background in college.

Thanks for reading dA :)

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